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  /   Thursday January 16, 2003  

I found out on Michelle’s blog, And Then?, that St. Blog’s has a new blog reviewer. Our reviewer has done the second post on none other than my last post. I’m quite honored to be next in line behind Mark Shea. If only our reviewer had a comments section . . . .

The reviewed post was inspired by a friend of mine who was impressed with Fr. Ernie’s work because he didn’t know churches that were built to more modern specifications would actually go back the other way. The problem with the chairs is not only that they were ugly orange, but that they had no kneelers. Our Cathedral has some chairs that are placed in the back for special events, but they have kneelers.

Regarding the tabernacle, the GIRM does require that it be in a prominent location. If you need a sign to tell you where it is, then it probably isn’t where it needs to be.

However, one must be aware that the law is only the minimum. Just because one isn’t breaking any laws doesn’t mean that one has exercised good judgement. It may not be illegal to wear jeans to a fancy restaurant, but you will surely get some funny looks.

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