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Reactions to Vatican Guidelines

  /   Monday January 20, 2003  

I haven’t read the new Vatican statement yet on Catholic politicians, but I hope to soon. Here are some interesting reactions (see this article for details):

[R. Scott Appleby] “Catholics who attempt to follow both the church’s teachings on pro-life issues as well as the church’s teachings on economic justice are politically homeless,”

Well, no political party is going to be perfect. However, it is impossible to talk about economic justice when we can’t even decided that everyone has a right to live. Let’s relegate this to the bullhockey of “abortion is just one issue.”

“It’s good advice,” said Dario Franceschini, a center-left member of [the Italian] Parliament who is Catholic, referring to the new Vatican document. “But it would be a mistake to look at it as an obligation.”

Yeah, you think it’s good advice even though you aren’t going to follow it. Oh, and by the way, did anyone ever tell you that, yes, you are obligated to obey Church teaching?

Also of interest is the following:

The guidelines, intended for Catholics worldwide, do not threaten Catholics who disregard them with any kind of punishment.

Well, the punishment may very well be eternal hellfire. I do think that, for at least some of these politicians, excommunication would be a remedy that may save their souls. Something needs to be done.

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