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Weigand vs. Davis

  /   Friday January 31, 2003  

I just ran across this article on the continuing problem of Gov. Gray Davis and his pro-abort stance. His Excellency tells Gov. Davis to have the integrity to stop receiving communion, and the governor falls just short of waving his middle finger at the bishop. I would dread the thought of being Gov. Davis on judgement day.

Notice how charitable the Bishop is acting through this whole ordeal. Bishop Weigand tried to counsel him in private, asserting that he misunderstands the faith. He is trying to give the appropriate warning before formally banning him from Communion.

In this, His Excellency is clearly trying to follow canon law and Jesus’ words on Christian charity. He tried to personally counsel Davis, but Davis is defiant. Let’s pray for both Bishop Weigand to stand firm and Gov. Davis to convert.

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