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  /   Sunday February 02, 2003  

Jeanetta and Donna Marie Lewis make their comments on the article that I linked to on this post. We just had our class on confession for our RCIA candidates today. The Third Rite is only to be used in emergencies, and any mortal sins forgiven in this rite must be confessed to a priest within one year if the person survives.

The sickening part of the article is not only that this rite is being illicitly and probably invalidly used, but also the “case” stated by the article for its use. In a nutshell, it says “If people prefer this, why not let them do it.” Such is the attitude of adolescence. People may prefer it all they want, but it won’t make it any better for them spiritually. It’s like the kid who asked his parents, “Why can’t I eat cookies all day. They taste better.”

Such is an attitude that treats the Church as only a body of opinions or, worse yet, an extracurricular activity. Such is an attitude that denies either the existence of God, the fact that God does have a will and does care what goes on down here on Earth, or the fact that our words and actions have real meaning. This “It doesn’t matter.” attitude is what has gotten us into the shape we are in today both in our Church and our society. Until we start to realize that there is objective reality that we need to learn, I’m afraid that we will remain in this mess.

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