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  /   Saturday February 15, 2003  

I found this blog while reading this post from Jeanetta. Jeanetta seems to make the point that it is even harder to remain Catholic at a Catholic university than at a liberal, secular one.

She has a fine point there. I’m just thinking of what would have happened to me if I had gone to a Catholic university with what I knew then about the faith. I doubt I would have physically left the Church, but I don’t know if there would be much authentic Catholicism left in me. Granted, I knew something was wrong with the way that the faith was being taught. However, I still would have likely bought into the false teaching that was presented. Who knows if I would have emerged from it still truly Catholic?

After all, people can naively go to a Catholic university expecting them to teach the faith. Many of these school use their “Catholic” identity to attract such people. They hear what their professors say and don’t necessarily know to dispute them. This is the problem with the poor catechesis we receive these days. A poorly catechized soul will believe this garbage.

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