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Will They Ever Get It

  /   Tuesday February 18, 2003  

Perhaps some of you have heard about the situation with Mercy High School in Detroit. Their fundraiser included lunch with Gov. Jennifer Granholm as an item. A problem arises in that Gov. Granholm is a pro-abort who claims to be Catholic. After complaints arose, Mercy dropped that item from the auction. Later, they changed their mind and brought it back.

So far, there has been no public statement from Cardinal Maida on the subject. Granted, he may be wanting to address it privately first. However, the time will soon arrive for him to speak up or risk serious scandal by his silence.

Brian Dickerson of the Detroit “Free” Press has spewed the old intolerance accusation. Articles can be read here and here on the HMS blog. I felt that his comments warranted a response, so here is what I wrote:

Mr. Dickerson,

I have read a couple of articles of yours in the Detroit Free Press from February 14 and 17, and I must take exception to those. In them, you state that Mercy High School taught “intolerance” when they decided not to have lunch with Gov. Jennifer Granholm as an item in their fundraiser. Unfortunately, they have since reinstated the lunch, but hopefully this will change soon.

It appears that no other organization is held to the same requirement of “tolerance” as is the Catholic Church. For example, the NAACP would not be considered bigoted if they refused to allow a Ku Klux Klan member to speak to them. Neither would the supporters of the Brady Law be expected to allow the NRA to come in and speak to them in the name of tolerance. Why is it then, that the Catholic Church should allow someone who opposes her most important moral teaching on the sanctity of life to have a lunch with some of their students?

Abortion is not a mere political issue. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has recently issued a statement explaining that Catholics involved in government may not support policies opposed to the sanctity of human life. Gov. Granholm refuses to live by this teaching while trying to pretend she is Catholic. This creates a most serious scandal which is best avoided.


David Ancell

Quite honestly, I am tired of seeing Catholics accused of intolerance when a person whose only claim to being Catholic is the box he/she checks on a survey form is exposed for who he/she is.

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