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More Euthanasia in Oregon

  /   Thursday February 20, 2003  

A Reuters article suggests that, in Oregon, more people are opting to end their lives by assisted suicide than in years past. I wonder how we will ever expect better palliative care to be developed if we just take the easy way out. I also wonder how many of these people were convinced to do this by slothful family members who didn’t want their inheritance spent or their time taken on caring for their dying family members.

Worse yet, how many people will have to deal with extended purgatory (if they don’t go to Hell) because they cut their lives short. We who are Christian should never forget that this decision has implications in the next life. This is true for both caregiver and the terminally ill. The caregiver loses the grace from caring for the dying; the terminally ill loses their time of penitence. Of course, given that this is a mortal sin, whoever makes this decision may very well suffer the loss of his or her soul and have to account for any souls that he/she sent with him/her. This would be much more painful than any suffering on this planet could possibly be.

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