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  /   Sunday February 23, 2003  

The New York Times has an interesting article today on the CD. Sales are declining. I never know if this really means that an industry is in danger or if someone is only going to make $800 million instead of $1 billion.

It’s true that some people are illegally copying music. No matter what the excuse, this is immoral. I’ve heard people complain about CD prices and about how they only want one song and don’t want to buy a CD for it. However, it is stealing.

Then again, I think there is another problem that was omitted in the article. Look at the quality of the acts these days. I went through Target’s music section a couple of days ago, and most of the stuff I saw on their feature rack was either explicit lyric trash or trash-dressed people whose names I do not recognize. There is just so much trash, and the industry keeps holding on to the lie that trash sells. It does, but only for a while. The article mentioned that artists like Brittney Spears (the epitome of trashy acts) generally have short careers.

It’s been several months since I have bought music by a secular act because I can’t find anything that I really like.

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