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  /   Sunday March 02, 2003  

Our pastor spent some time on the pulpit discussing new norms for the reception of Communion and a few other things. He mentioned that we now need to bow our heads as we approach to receive Communion. He also said that he has seen people genuflect as a matter of private devotion, but that was not appropriate.

I remember that there was a big discussion on this on the HMS blog a long time ago. There was some discussion about the committee of the U.S. Bishops Conference who determined that kneeling to receive Communion was not appropriate. I’ve also heard some discussion about why one should bow rather than genuflect. Some people cannot genuflect, at least not easily. The bow of the head allows everyone to perform the same gesture of reverence. The Mass is not our private prayer.

I will honor such intentions, and I will obey the directive. Anyone who knows about it and doesn’t obey is substituting his/her personal preference for obedience. However, I’m not so sure that there is anything wrong with saying that everyone must genuflect unless you can’t, and then those people can bow. Maybe having to perform the more conspicuous action will help awaken some people to faith in the Real Presence.

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