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  /   Monday March 17, 2003  

There is a lot in the news and at St. Blog’s about war with Iraq. You may have noticed that I have remained silent about this on my blog. The reason for this is that I really can’t claim any knowledge of the matter. I don’t read or watch much news.

The Holy Father is opposed to war. However, I have my doubts that the Holy Father would support any war. He claims not to be a pacifist, but I have trouble seeing him in any other light. Still, I must respect what he says. I have no doubt that he has wisdom and insight from the Holy Spirit that I cannot even dream of.

Then again, our president may well know something that he isn’t telling. The Holy Father doesn’t likely know about it, either. I wouldn’t be blabbing our intelligence all over national television if I were he.

However, no matter how we feel about the war, ultimately we should all pray for peace. We should continue to pray for a peaceful resolution as long as there is any possibility. War can never be the preferable thing to do; it can only be necessary. War may be necessary because of someone who will not allow us to be at peace, but peace should be our goal.

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