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  /   Wednesday March 19, 2003  

My regular readers probably have figured out by now that I go to weekday Mass in another parish where I have heard a number of flaky statements in the homily. Now, they are trying something else.

Weekday Mass is held in a chapel that is directly behind the main church (unless the students of the local school are there). The chapel has long had an empty tabernacle that I’ve been told the pastor didn’t want there. The Blessed Sacrament has normally been in a tabernacle in the main church. However, this church has now begun the practice of putting the Blessed Sacrament in the chapel tabernacle when Mass is held in the chapel and then moving him to the main church when Mass is held there. The other tabernacle is left empty in the meantime.

Apparently the reason for this is because “you can’t have Jesus in two places at once.” I asked a deacon why this was, and he didn’t have a reason. He said that it didn’t make sense to him. I also asked an associate pastor who is very orthodox about it, and he said that the Church gives us many wonderful things to ponder such as the Trinity, the Virgin Birth, etc, but some things are just not ponderable, and this is one of them.

My question to my reader is: Is it really true that you cannot have two tabernacles with the Blessed Sacrament in them? I don’t buy it, and I’d love to know if there is a document. In any event, I think this musical Jesus game is really sickening.

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