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  /   Sunday March 23, 2003  

“We know that abortion is always wrong. We know that contraception and sterilization are always wrong. We know that euthanasia is always wrong.”

These words were spoken in no less a place than the Sunday pulpit of my parish (St. Louis) at the 9 AM Mass by one of our associate pastors. He went on to explain the need for praying a daily Rosary for our troops. He gave a good deal of his time to the war as well. This priest is known very well in our parish as a holy man and a great confessor. Not only does he preach the Gospel, but he goes out of his way to avoid becoming angry or giving any hint of anger.

That’s not to say that I necessarily agree with his entire perspective on the war, but I do believe that he has challenged us to think about it along the line of Catholic teaching. This is the kind of preaching we need in our Church today. We need men who as priests will stand up for the moral teachings of the Church and challenge us to think about the issues of our times from the perspective of the Church’s teachings.

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