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HMO of Death

  /   Tuesday March 25, 2003  

Quite interesting that an HMO would be looking for doctors willing to euthanize patients. It’s scary to see a health insurance agency talk like this since they may decide to deny health care on the grounds that it is cheaper to kill you. Add this to the fact that many doctors today are being educated in relativistic ethics or are at least being told that these are “complex issues,” and you have a recipe for trouble.

With this being said, I do not necessarily agree with the author’s views on the alternative remedy. So much of it is quackery that I would have to say that the FDA approval or lack thereof may well mean something. Granted, this man was on his deathbed as it was, and it is difficult to determine if the mineral solution had anything to do with his death. Let us not be too quick to jump to the defense of alternative medicine. Some of these products were found to contain much less than the stated dose of active ingredient.

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