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Pro-Life and Choice Victory

  /   Thursday April 03, 2003  

I call what I am about to describe both a pro-life and a pro-choice victory. You may not be able to see this all if you are not a Catholic World News subscriber. However, a Jackson, Mississippi judge issued a temporary restraining order stopping a couple of parents from forcing their teenage daughter to have an abortion. Granted, the war is not won yet, but this is a start.

I call it a life victory for obvious reasons. I call it a choice victory because the girl in this case is exercising her right to choose to have her baby. If she can delay this case long enough it will be too late for the abortion, and the child will be able to live.

We must also pray for the souls of the parents involved. They are trying to force their daughter to murder her child, a most reprehensible act. We must pray for their conversion so that they will be able to love the child and no longer seek to force an abortion on their daughter.

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