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  /   Saturday April 05, 2003  

Here is an interesting post on evangelizing our youth. I’m not sure if I agree with all of it, but the author offers some interesting insights. As someone who didn’t go to Catholic school, it hasn’t been my experience that faith was treated as an academic subject. Rather, the problem was that the content of the faith wasn’t really taught. There is a serious need to teach doctrine.

However, we do need to evangelize whole families, not just teens. One reason why some children don’t seem to care about their study of the faith is that their parents don’t care. Rather than learn about and teach the faith to their children, they depend on the school to do it. I’ve heard quite a bit about this from someone deeply involved in religious education. I also see this when I see parents who led their children do whatever they want within the pew at Mass.

I’ve seen the results when parents do get involved as well. In my parish, we have a mother who takes her 4-year-old to daily Mass. I sat a couple of pews in front of them and found that the 4-year-old can say many of the responses just like the rest of us. After Mass, I placed my hand in the baptismal font and made the Sign of the Cross, and she was on the lower end of the pool in the font across from me doing the same thing.

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