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Stealing Music

  /   Wednesday April 23, 2003  

It seems that the recording industry is cracking down on college students who are trading music. Apparently, some are trying to get billions out of college students (talk about blood out of a turnip).

No matter how you rationalize it, stealing music in this matter is just that, stealing. It is immoral and carries the duty of reparation. You can talk all you want about CDs being too expensive and the artists getting little money from then, but this is just rationalization. Because these recordings are a luxury and not a necessity, one would be hard-pressed to come up with moral justification for taking them without paying the rightful copyright owner. Please note that if this downloading is permitted by the rightful owner, then of course it is morally permissible.

Of note is that universities are trying in vain to tell students that it is wrong to copy music. Let’s not forget that these students are often taught that there is no right and wrong and that morality is subjective. Is it any wonder that they don’t listen when they are taught a moral lesson?

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