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Renewal of the Church

  /   Saturday April 26, 2003  

I read this post from Fr. Rob Johansen some time ago about Bishop Dolan. I think he’s right in reminding us of the situation in Milwaukee, and I think that such will be the situation in the whole Church in this country.

We didn’t get the way we were overnight, and we won’t get back to holiness overnight. It is going to take a lot. First, we will have to evangelize our own members. When reform is taking place, it is important that the reasons for it are communicated to the faithful. If not, the result will be confusion.

Full reform is going to require a reform of the family. One reasons that kids who go to any form of religious education don’t learn their faith is because the parents don’t reinforce learning of it. The DRE at my parish sees this all the time. Either the parents have to go fight the bull that is being taught or reinforce the orthodox teaching, depending on the quality of the class. However, parental involvement is a must.

Finally, much prayer is going to be needed. We must get people back to daily prayer and adoration of the Eucharist. If your church is locked all day, then maybe it’s time to check the feasibility of leaving it open at least part of the day. Then we must trust God to act.

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