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  /   Friday May 09, 2003  

I have been made aware of this article by Ralph McInerny on the pontificate of John Paul II. From my skimming of the article, he seems to advocate JPII as having laid the groundwork for a return to sound teaching. That he has. He says that JPII avoids war with the dissenters because he knows that the Church will survive them and that orthodoxy cannot be forced on anyone.

He is right on both of the above points. I have no doubt that the Church will survive, and provided that I live as long as my ancestors have, I expect to see at least some of the fruits of renewal in my lifetime. My concern regarding the lack of discipline taken against dissenters is not for the Church but for their souls and the souls of their followers.

Granted, some of them will simply rebel when disciplined. Many are determined to fashion a “God” after their own image and likeness and fashion Jesus as a great radical. However, what about those who hear the teachings out of the mouth of our Holy Father, and because of the lack of discipline are lulled into thinking that they can safely ignore them. Penalties such as excommnication are medicinal. It’s a way of trying to get the sinners back by letting them know how far off they are. Without it, one can easily deceive himself into thinking that what he is doing or teaching is okay because he is “following his conscience.” It is there that the lack of discipline against dissenters can take its toll.

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