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  /   Wednesday May 14, 2003  

There are few things that I hate on the Internet more than spam. It is one reason why you can’t find my e-mail address anywhere on my pages. You can fill out a mail form, and you will find that if you view the source, my e-mail address is not visible. This prevents people from finding the address until I want them to.

It’s kind of ironic that there are now commercial tools to combat spam. I appreciate the efforts of those who develop them to fill an important need. However, I find it ironic that you have to pay someone for a tool to get rid of e-mail that you didn’t want anyway. Why can’t bulk mailers respect the fact that some people don’t want their e-mail?

My hosting provider provides us with Spam Assassin. It works better than anything I’ve seen before. The only thing that I don’t like is that it doesn’t automatically delete the messages before I download them. I still have to press the “Purge Deleted Items” on my Microsoft Outlook. It’s akin to flushing a toilet, I guess.

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