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  /   Friday May 23, 2003  

No doubt, there will develop among the state officials with agendas a hostility towards homeschooling. I mean, after all, doesn’t the state really know what’s best for everyone (sarcasm intended)? If I were to marry a woman who wanted to home school, I would support her effort.

In some respects, the concerns of the officials are understandable. There are no doubt some people out there homeschooling that shouldn’t be doing it. Some of them have the “bunker” mentality that wants to shelter the children completely. Others don’t have the teaching ability or the patience. However, simply allowing other homeschoolers to examine the children to ensure progress should suffice. I believe that the majority of families committed to homeschooling are comitted to doing it right.

Anyway, here is some good news. Take a look at this post from Greg Popcak about how Steubenville’s public schools have helped homeschoolers. Hopefully, more of these kind of options will become available. I’m beginning to agree with a friend of mine and future seminarian that state-sponsored education just isn’t working.

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