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  /   Saturday May 24, 2003  

I just found a nice site for geeks like me. It’s the Palm Handheld Hall of Fame. It shows the previous models of Palm handhelds, including the old PalmPilots. I was able to find a couple of old ones on eBay for my collection, one of which I now have in my hands. I can tell you that the devices have come a long way. The Palm Pilot 1000 had 128K of memory. That wouldn’t hold didlysquat for me. My 16 MB Tungsten T doesn’t hold enough stuff for me. I may need a Tungsten C, or whatever they come out with next. By contrast, my Pocket PC has 13 MB of memory left over.

Then again, I wish that the site had listed when each Palm came out and what it retailed for.

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