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What’s War Good For?

  /   Monday May 26, 2003  

Today is Memorial Day. This is the day for us to remember those who have died in the many wars our nation has fought. May their souls rest in peace.

Someday, we hope to live in a world where there is no war. It isn’t likely to happen in this life. Even Jesus told us there would be war in the world. War, of course, is an evil, but sometimes we have no other choice.

I remember a discussion we were having at a friends house. This friend was talking about the optimism that followed Vatican II. Indeed, I had read something about this in Catholic World News. Basically, it’s a sophisticated version of “he’s not bad, he’s just misunderstood.” It assumed that there were not people who hated the light, just people with some misunderstanding.

Truthfully, some people truly don’t understand the truth and therefore do not follow it. The mistake is that we assume that everyone falls into that category. Some have gone so far as to assume that to be an evildoer is not a real possibility. However, if this were so, there would be no Hell.

I think that this is a problem with pacifism in general. It is a kind of denial that there is real evil that often must have violence done to it. It assumes that everyone will respond to Christian love. We could only wish this were so. Pacificsts always seemed to me to be people who are in denial of reality.

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