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  /   Saturday May 31, 2003  

I was at Mass at a nearby church this morning when I heard quite an interesting homily from a known orthodox priest. You can probably recall the story of the Visitation in the Gospel of Luke. John the Baptist leapt for joy when Mary arrived with Jesus in the womb. This priest said that John the Baptist leapt for joy because the unborn Jesus redeemed the unborn John the Baptist in the womb, giving him sanctifying grace. No doubt there is some doctor of the Church who wrote about this.

He then went on to say that there is no such thing as being “pro-choice” because choosing sin is an abuse of freedom. Anyone who formally declares membership in Catholics for a Free Choice is almost excommunicated. Anyone who counsels one to have an abortion is automatically excommunicated.

Now, if only this stuff could be said on Sunday. Then again, it is quite possible that this priest has done that. This same priest said this to the high schoolers.

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