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  /   Saturday June 07, 2003  

A few weeks ago, I was eating dinner with the parents of the Confirmandi of a nearby parish. I was there because I had sponsored my cousin. One of the Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist who was present was complaining about the new norm that required the laity to wait until the priest had his communion before they approached the sanctuary. She was complaining because “We need the lay people to do more.” I didn’t get much chance to respond because the group was not interested in listening.

It is true that the lay people need to do more, but not in the way she meant. We need to do more outside the Church to bring people in. We need to be doing the work proper to laity. Let’s get out of the Church and evangelize. We must bring Christ to the world.

I mention this because I just got out of a workshop by the St. Catherine of Siena Institute. The presentations were great. It was the Called and Gifted workshop that helps us understand how to discern our spiritual gifts and then use them to evangelize. It’s like they came to teach us what Vatican II really said and a practical way to implement it. I recommend them.

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