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Holy Spirit or a Very Unholy Spirit

  /   Saturday June 14, 2003  

This is my latest entry in a dissent and faithfulness forum on Busted Halo:

I would caution anyone who wishes to say that “differing views expresses” are no more than a “diversity of opinion.” Indeed, I get a sense that there has been a denial of the existence of true evil in the world. Let us not forget that the Devil is a gentleman. He did not threaten Eve and force her to commit an act of violence. Instead, he told her how great the forbidden fruit was. A mistaken notion of compassion that drives some away from certain teachings could well be attributed to the same source.

Even God cannot contradict himself. He is omnipresent in all times, and therefore cannot be subject to change. To believe such is not to put him in our box but rather to “limit” him to what he himself has told us of himself. How can such an all-powerful God be powerless to create timeless truth?

Many believe false teachings, but may not be held morally accountable. However, in many cases there was someone who was supposed to teach them who will be held accountable. If a priest, bishop, CCD teacher, parent, or other person placed in charge of formation does not teach the truth, then such a person will be held accountable. Some have deliberately rejected what God has told them. St. Paul wrote about them in 2 Timothy 4:3-4.

The important thing to understand is that we are not dealing with mere opinions but with things revealed by God. To have faith is to believe those truths. When we are given a message contrary to revealed truth, we have the assurance that it is not the Holy Spirit speaking but a very unholy spirit. God has given us that assurance. Let us be thankful for the gift, even when it is difficult to accept.

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