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Define it Yourself Catholicism

  /   Thursday June 19, 2003  

We are having a heated discussion now at Busted Halo. One of the people who works for them has started a post with a statement that it depends on how you define Catholicsm. Here is my latest endeavor. Read the full discussion here:

Herein lies the issue. The Gospel is not about us. It is about Jesus Christ who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. It is about what he said and taught and how this has been handed down from generation to generation. Those in authority are not so much rulers as guarantors. Their job is to protect the teaching of Jesus Christ from being “redefined.”

The documents defining the Immaculate Conception and the Assumption of Mary are readily available. They contain such language as “if anyone denies this or calls it into question, be it know that he has fallen away from the faith.” As for the ordination of women, Pope John Paul II stated that the position that the Church has no authority on earth “must be held as definitive for all the faithful.” If belief in any of these three things is not required, then why in the world would the Pope use such strong language?

Either the Pope has the authority to issue such statements which bind all believers, or he does not. We cannot have it both ways. If he does not, then he sure has a lot of gall issuing these statements. If he does, then we are bound to obey.

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