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Get Rid of the Sin First

  /   Sunday June 22, 2003  

If you read St. Francis de Sales’ Introduction to the Devout Life, you will find that the first step if purification from sin, first from mortal, then from the attachment to mortal sin, then from the attachment to venial sin, and then from the attachments to things not sinful in themselves that could lead to sin (termed “foolish and dangerous things”).

I don’t know if I care for the Off the Record blog of Catholic World News because many of their posts seem downright uncharitable to me. However, this one caught my eye. The Bishops claim that those who make too big of a deal of the scandal fail to see “the whole picture” of the good the Church has done. This is probably true, but the task of avoiding evil is also very important. The good that was done is not too impressive if the evil that was also done is too great.

Therefore, no matter what good the Church is doing, repentance of sin is very necessary. This is not just for our bishops, by the way. I have long argued that if “We are Church,” then personal reform is necessary for every one of us. We must repent of our sins, regardless of whether or not we had anything to do with the scandal.

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