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  /   Friday June 27, 2003  

Tonight, I have begun listening to Sacrament Most Holy: The Urgent Message of Ecclesia de Eucharistia by Fr. Shannon Michael Collins, C.P.M. Fr. Collins says that this encyclical represents a tightening of discipline that has been occurring in recent years with recent papal statements. He hopes this encyclical will help restore reverence to our worship.

He is apparently more optimistic than I. While I am aware of the Holy Father’s teachings, I am not aware that any of these teachings are enforced. I’m afraid that this will end up getting ignored like most of what he has said. I wish it were not so.

I remember discussing with some other Catholics how the liturgical books have the force of law. Someone just responded “But they are not enforced.” Supposedly, they must not be that important since they are not enforced. While the Holy Father has put a lot of time and energy into teaching the faith, the fact that these teachings are not well proclaimed and the disciplines not enforced very well leads many to believe that they are not important. Sadly, many of us will not understand how important the teachings and disciplines really are until we stand before God in judgment.

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