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  /   Sunday June 29, 2003  

One area for catechesis in our modern world is that of modesty. My workplace has a “business casual” dress code, but I often see people dressed in clothing that is simply not modest. This is especially bad in the summer, when women dress in clothing that shows the neckline and often part of what is below it. Unfortunately, I see this a lot in church, too. Let’s not even talk about the shopping mall near my apartment. Robert Gotcher has a great post on modesty.

Although you can’t easily provide for sick minds everywhere, let’s not forget that if it is forseeable that one would commit a sin of lust based on your dress, then you will likely be held morally responsible for every sin of lust committed. If we dress in such a way that shows off our bodily features, then we shouldn’t be surprised that we attract people who value only our bodies. Although it’s pretty hot outside in Memphis, just remember that there is a much hotter place that you could be sending people to by your dress.

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