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To Laugh or to Cry

  /   Sunday June 29, 2003  

I knoweth not whether to laugh or to cry. Take a look at this Call to Action “wisdom exchange”. The Baby Boomer generation of CTA members that was around for the Vatican II council calls itself the “Wisdom Generation.” Well, being in my late 20’s, I know I don’t want any part of their “wisdom.”

I think the young guy in the article has been brainwashed, if indeed he is a real, living person. It is difficult to imagine a sane person thinking like that. Oh, by the way, I found this from a site that I have frequented lately: Busted Halo
According to the Busted Halo page, the CTA retreat has their “official stamp of approval.”

We have a great associate pastor at my parish who describes CTA as “The dying gasps of liberalism in the Church.” I don’t see how anyone can take seriously an organization that de-emphasizes personal holinessin favor of “gender definitions” and getting the Church to “account for all its members.”

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