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  /   Thursday July 03, 2003  

I think that this op-ed by Maureen Dowd is proof that one need not have something to say in order to write for a major newspaper. Well, I will have Ms. Dowd and others know that, as a resident of Tennessee, I voted for Bill Frist. I don’t think that the fact that he dissected cats in his younger years makes him unqualified to oppose gay marriage. Neither does the fact that his policies are not consistently conservative. I would have a hard time supporting a hard-line conservative who didn’t use his head almost as much as I would a liberal who didn’t use his head. The fact is that we need to do what is right, not what conforms to an ideology.

Dowd even goes so far as to criticize a politician for naming marriage as a sacrament, saying that government leaders shouldn’t be making such statements. However, the fact that marriage is a sacrament is completely independent of who says it is. When he says this, he is only stating a fact that will remain true no matter what NY Times columnist, politician, clergyman, or other person says.

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