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  /   Sunday July 13, 2003  

I have long thought that it was rather banal to name a church after a street. A name like “Smith Street Baptist Church” may be useful in helping one locate the church, but it really doesn’t have the depth of a church name like “St. Louis” or “Holy Rosary.” I prefer naming the church after a saint.

Besides the lack of depth in a street name, a problem arises if the church moves. We have a super-mega church in Memphis named Bellvue Baptist Church. At one time, it was located on Bellvue in the midtown area. It has since moved to an outlying area that is a 30-minute or more drive from Bellvue. The complex may well have its own zip code some day. However, the name stuck. To top it off, the former church property on Bellvue is now occupied by the Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church.

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