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  /   Thursday July 17, 2003  

I have just returned from the reason I stayed in Memphis today instead of going ahead and going on my trip. Bishop Peter Sartain of Little Rock came down to Memphis to celebrate a Mass of Thanksgiving for 25 years as a priest. The place was absolutely packed. If you didn’t get there by 6:10 PM (Mass was at 6:30 PM), you got to stand in the aisles.

Some readers may be wondering why the Bishop of Little Rock is in Memphis celebrating Mass. Well, it just so happens that he was our pastor and Vicar General for our diocese before becoming a bishop. He is to this day the only bishop who knows my name (and the name of everyone else he meets just one time–methinks it’s a charism). He was also the first priest whom I can remember sitting down with a group (in this case, the Frassati Society) and explaining real Church teachings.

Hmmmmm . . . maybe he could replace Archbishop Rigali in St. Louis. It would be kinda cool. Our parish church is named St. Louis, so for him to become Archbishop of St. Louis would give him quite a story. Now I hope he doesn’t read this.

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