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Defending the Faith, Day One

  /   Friday July 18, 2003  

So far, the conference in Steubenville is great. I made the early bird sessions where Jeff Cavins talked about sin and how it is a suicidal act. Marcus Grodi talked about barriers to conversion. They were so true.

We had our traveler’s Mass at 4 PM. While the music wasn’t what I like to see used at Mass (“Lord I Lift Your Name on High”, “Shout to the Lord”, “Days of Elijah”, “Here I Am to Worship”), it was better than having that eardrum-breaking soprano opera-soloist render it impossible for me to pray. I could pray at this Mass.

The official start was just as great. It started out with Alan Schreck talking about Vatican II and everyone’s call to holiness. He mentioned that it was a great irony that before Vatican II, many people lived very holy lives but also thought that holiness was for priests and religious. Now, people understand the universal call to holiness, but fewer actually live it.

The night ended with Alex Jones. He is a former Pentecostal minister who converted and took many of his congregation with him. He was just plain awesome. He talked about the power of the Holy Spirit. There was too much to cover at this late hour.

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