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  /   Sunday July 27, 2003  

I had no idea that Fr. Vosko was behind the renovation of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Memphis. Not only that, but he was also behind the changes to the Cathedral of the Incarnation in Nashville. Well, both have their good and bad aspects.

In Memphis, our cathedral was in desparate need of some work. The floor creaked when you walked on it, and it was probably only a matter of time before someone got hit in the head with a ceiling tile. The whole building also looked dirty. If there were any protests, they weren’t well-publicized. The Cathedral is now clean and bright. The artwork was preserved and in some cases enhanced (the picture on the link doesn’t do justice). However, the tabernacle was moved off into a side chapel, and I’ll bet that this is Fr. Vosko’s influence (though this may be appropriate for a cathedral). The only parts that I truly don’t like is that the communion rails were removed, and the ambo and altar that were put in look kind of cheap compared to the rest of the building. The altar was also moved out into the congregation, though there is still a discernible sanctuary.

I have nothing other than a picture to compare the Cathedral of the Incarnation in Nashville to since I never saw it before the renovation. For the most part, it is a beautiful church. However, like the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, the tabernacle was pushed off to the side. The altar wasn’t moved out very far. The only thing that is strange about it is that the apse is colored pink. I’m not kidding. A parishoner who was there before the renovation said that the church is still pretty, but the pink was a shock. I like the old colors in the pictures better as well.

At least they were not changed into something like this church. I can’t believe that someone didn’t have the common sense to reject this nonsense.

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