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  /   Tuesday July 29, 2003  

Here is what I have posted regarding the infallibility of the Holy Father. I’m not sure if I’m 100% accurate, so feel free to help me out.

All of the baptized have been given special gifts from the Holy Spirit that they can only use for the benefit of others. These are commonly known as charisms. The St. Catherine of Sienna Institute is out there to help lay people discern their charisms. Some people have charisms of leadership, teaching, writing, etc. Some have lifestyle charisms such as poverty or celibacy.

The charism of infallibility is given to the Pope and the bishops who teach in union with him. It is given for the good of the Church to safeguard the deposit of faith from error. The interesting aspect of this charism is that it is only a negative protection. In other words, it doesn’t guarantee that the Pope will teach truth but that he won’t teach error. In other words, it is still possible for him not to teach at all but to remain silent. He also only has this ability in matters of faith and morals.

One aspect that confuses many is that infallibility doesn’t apply to the Pope’s prudential judgment. Some acts, such as abortion, contraception, murder, blasphemy, are always evil. Therefore, the Holy Father can never go wrong in condemning them. Other actions, such as going to war, are not always wrong. In this case, the Church’s teaching on a just war is correct. However, the Pope may, due to a lack of knowledge of the facts, make the wrong judgment as to whether or not the war in Iraq is just. Therefore, you will see faithful Catholics on both sides of the fence.

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