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  /   Monday August 04, 2003  

It is difficult to be in the Church today without encountering someone who is teaching false teaching. It may be a CCD teacher, a sister, a priest, or even a bishop. Some of them may have some adverse agendas that nothing short of an act of divine intervention will overcome.

However, I firmly believe that the majority do not. I have encountered many of these. You can usually tell them by asking them what they meant by a particular statement and finding that they are willing to discuss it with you on respectful terms. Some will even reverse what they are trying to tell people upon seeing an appropriate Church document. They may even publicly correct the error.

I am thinking of this because of a conversation that I had with a seminarian friend of mine. He said that St. John Vianney, whose feast we celebrate today, converted a parish by his holiness. He went on to say that sometimes a parish converts a priest by their holiness.

Some of these people who teach false teaching were taught this by the agenda folks and honestly believe that it is correct. If you present them with a Church document, they analyze it in the framework that they are formed in. They won’t be convinced because they have conviction in their false teaching. In a case like this, a display of anger will do nothing more than to solidify the false teaching. The person sees the bad example of those who know the truth and wants no part of it.

On the other hand, I know of a pastor who has rethought much based on the good example of parishoners, staff, and associate pastors. The guy still hasn’t totally embraced orthodoxy, but he is at least open to those people and sees the true faith in them. He loves them and wants to do what is best. Because of his sincerity, he is open to truth. Because of the people surrounding him, truth is conveyed.

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