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Free Will and Sin

  /   Sunday August 10, 2003  

Here is another post on the same discussion as the last post:

We have free will, but that does not mean that we have the right to sin. While we are free to choose, we are not free to make our choices right. This comes from outside us, namely from God. To do evil is an abuse of our freedom. Freedom makes us responsible for our actions.

Take a look at the Catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraph 1733: “The more one does what is good, the freer one becomes. There is no true freedom except in the service of what is good and just. The choice to disobey and do evil is an abuse of freedom and leads to ‘the slavery of sin.'”

Ultimately, truth does not come from a consensus of the people, but from God himself. Therefore, the diversity of viewpoints doesn’t eliminate the existence of truth. Besides, it is silly to say that it is true that there is no truth. The fact that people have created a secular state doesn’t change this fact.

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