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The New Liturgical Document

  /   Thursday September 25, 2003  

I’ve read a few articles on the supposed new liturgical document that is eventually going to be released. I have shamelessly stolen this link from Jeanetta who stole it from someone else. The rumors are that many bishops view the document as too harsh.

I really think that the main things that are needed are a ban on changing any words of the approved texts for any reason whatsoever and a better English translation of the Mass. Those would be ideal starting points. Dancing is already prohibited, so I don’t know what the Vatican thinks it will accomplish by sending another document. I’ve heard other rumors that the document will prohibit sacriliegious acts such as consecrating hosts for a black Mass. Again, these things are already extremely illicit.

Interestingly enough, the document also bans applause in the church. Well, I find clapping during Mass to be inappropriate because we are at Calvary. However, the number one place where I find this practice is none other than Franciscan University of Steubenville. They can hardly be considered a lunatic fringe.

My main concern in all of this is the way in which it will end up being presented in those places where it is obeyed. I can see it enforced in a “Yeah, I know, but the Vatican said . . . ” (aka wink and nod) manner. It’s quite possible that many priests may themselves not really know what they are doing at Mass. Where is the catechesis on what the Mass is about? I can’t tell you how many people whom I have run into who think it is no big deal for the priest to change a few words around in the Mass or even to mess with the consecration itself (or, in the case of the sacrament of Penance, the words of absolution). It goes without saying that we are in desparate need of sound liturgical catechesis lest we deny the sacrificial nature of the Mass, the Real Presence, and the importance of going to Mass.

The Mass cost Jesus his life. It is the very difference between Heaven and Hell, and it ought to be treated as such. I will leave the judgment on the need for new legislation to Rome, but they had better plan to enforce and back it up with catechesis if they want it to have an impact.

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