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Terri’s Fight

  /   Wednesday October 15, 2003  

By now, you probably have already heard of this story. It says the feeding tube has already been removed from Terri Schiavo. NewsMax reports this story that the family is seeking a divorce for her. Maybe they have some hope in Florida law against the neglect of a disabled person.

You can see right on video that Terri has some mobility. The family has filled a site with the responsiveness of their daughter to them. I’m saying that none of this should be necessary. The fact remains that she is obviously a living, breathing human being who only needs the nutrition to survive that all of us need. Case closed!! Neither her husband nor anyone else have any right whatsoever to kill her. This is human life that belongs to none other than God that is to be preserved as long as God allows it.

All of those who seek to remove the feeding tube are seeking nothing less than murder. I dare say that unless everyone involved repents before they die there is a great chance that they will be subject to eternal hellfire. No matter how sanitized it looks under medical procedures, court proceedings, etc, it is still nothing more than a case of adultery and murder, both of which, last I checked, were mortal sins that damn souls.

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