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  /   Sunday October 26, 2003  

Perhaps some of you can remember this post about the Mystery of the Missing Monstrance. Indeed, many were apparently very upset by the turn of events. I can imagine that the pastor of the parish got plenty of letters, and I would notice a prayer written in the book of the intentions for the return of the monstrance.

The pastor wrote a letter for us to find in chapel. The tabernacle that is now in the place of the monstrance is an exposition tabernacle. Apparently, there has been a concern among people as to what to do when you have to leave the chapel, and the next adorer hasn’t arrived. This happens. We have been instructed to close the door on the front of the tabernacle when this happens. The next adorer who arrives can then open them. This eliminates the problem of leaving Our Lord exposed with no one to adore him. It looks like this:

Whether it is allowable under canon law is something that I do not know. I can’t think of anything off the bat that is wrong with it. I know that Franciscan University of Steubenville actually places their monstrance behind glass in an open tabernacle to expose the Blessed Sacrement in the Portiuncula Chapel.

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