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  /   Monday October 27, 2003  

I have shamelessly stolen this link from Jeanetta. Fr. Rob Johansen wrote this article on Terri’s fight that I have been blogging much about of late. It’s better than anything that I could write, especially since he is at the scene.

However, I will give my two cents. When I was in pharmacy school, I spent six weeks working in surgical intensive care. I saw people who could hardly breathe, much less eat, on their own. Their family just “knew” they were going to get better, but it didn’t seem likely. We had this very arrogant surgeon telling his students how life was good because you get to participate in it. Well, at the time, I didn’t have the thoughts together to argue the point with anyone. However, something didn’t seem right about what he said.

I now have a clearer understanding that life is precious because it is a gift from God. This is not to say that I have the answer for every case like the one mentioned above. However, we do have to keep it in our heads that life is not ours, and we must treat it with utmost care and not be eager to dismiss it when it becomes an inconvenience for the doctors or the family.

According to Fr. Johansen, the Schindlers are aware that Terri is not likely to recover fully. However, unlike the patients I saw, she does have some life in her, and she could regain something if given treatment. In any case, we should not be so eager to just dismiss her life as useless and let her starve. Her life may not look like much to us able-bodied individuals, but it’s all she’s got, and it is most precious to Our Lord.

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