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ACLU At It Again

  /   Saturday November 08, 2003  

Recently, Tennessee passed a law allowing for the creation of “Choose Life” license plates. Guess who is challenging it. It is none other than the American “Civil Liberties” Union. Needless to say, they are once again fighting to destroy what they say they are protecting because it is “viewpoint discrimination.”

C’mon, where in the U.S. or Tennessee Constitution does it give the right to protection against “viewpoint discrimination?” Even if such did exist, how is it “viewpoint discrimination” to allow people to have the use of a license plate to express such viewpoints. Given the fact that it is required that 1,000 plates be pre-sold before the state will even produce them, it is doubtful that state money will really be used to produce them.

I would be willing to bet that that the ACLU would not file such a lawsuit allowing for the creation of license plates that agreed with their own viewpoint. It’s the typical tactic of these organizations to really advocate only the freedom to express their “viewpoint.” Maybe they want to create a pro-abortion license plate and donate the money to Planned Parenthood (who happens to also be involved in this suit).

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