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The Problem With Practical Consequences

  /   Sunday November 16, 2003  

It’s 6:45 PM here in Sikeston, MO at my parent’s house. Somehow, I was reminded of a time when my confirmation class watched a video on chastity. The presenter was really good and made her case well. However, she stuck to the practical reasons for chastity.

Now, it is good to understand that breaking God’s law has practical consequences. However, I now know that some of what she said was scientifically inaccurate. She pulled out a package insert of a birth control pill. She mentioned how awful some of the side effects are, and she said that she wouldn’t let the fact that it only happens to 0.05% of the people who take them give us any security. The point she misses is that it is quite likely that anything that only happens to 0.05% of the population was not caused by the drug.

When one uses only practical reasons in building a case, anyone with any contrary scientific data (real or fabricated) will have a rebuttal. In many cases, I’ve seen truths that I hold dear defended with science that is sloppy at best. As soon as someone has a rebuttal, their case crumbles.

Ultimately, sins against chastity are sins because they offend God who loves us more than we are capable of loving anyone or anything. There are often practical reasons, but we must remember that the teachings of Christ are absolute truth. They are not man-made discoveries that can be refuted by science.

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