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The Phoney “Real Jesus”

  /   Wednesday November 19, 2003  

Mark Shea has written an excellent article on the theories that people make up so that they can avoid believing in Jesus as the the Son of God who died for our sins and rose from the dead. It seems that people would rather believe anything other than the fact that the apostles wrote that Jesus rose from the dead because he really did rise from the dead. They would be humorous if they weren’t so sad.

If you should ever find out that a seminar is being held by one of these dudes in your town, you could always go and ask the “scholar” what the positive evidence is for his or her claim. I’ll bet you will get a fancy answer that bascially says that there is none. My guess is that it will be along the lines of “that was what normally happened.” You can then respond “Ok, so you made this stuff up.” Just keep calm so that the “scholar” can’t make you look like a buffoon.

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