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Excommunicating Politicians

  /   Sunday November 23, 2003  

Pete Vere gives this interesting article on the canonical basis for the Church denying communion to or otherwise excommunicating pro-abort politicians. Currently, an automatic excommunication is applied to doctors and their staff who perform abortions and the women who have them. Vere has reservations about the excommunication of the women who have abortions, and it is understandable. Neither he nor I condone abortion.

There is one thing that I think we can count on: the longer our leaders wait to take action against these politicians, the harder it will be to do, and the greater the backlash will be when someone finally does something. We wouldn’t have to endure this malarkey about “the end of Vatican II” or “loss of tolerance” if the bishops of this country had taken a strong stand to begin with.

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