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Open Sesame, NOT!!

  /   Wednesday December 03, 2003  

It’s time to rant . . . .

How many things have you bought in the last few months or so have packaging that is very difficult to open? It seems that a large percentage of what I buy is nearly impossible to open. Why is everything going this way?

CDs and DVDs are offenders. Not only do you have to take off the celophane wrap, but you have to get that sticker off the top that gives the title and artist. If you don’t, the case won’t open. I have a lot of CDs with broken cases. I wonder how many of these I broke. DVDs are more fun because there are usually three of those stickers on them. I once ripped the entire outer label off a case trying to open it.

Have you ever bought any Monster cables? I have enough to hang several people with. The plastic packaging is awful. I can’t even find a good way to cut it open. A lot of electronics are packaged in this. It’s a wonder that I haven’t broken something very expensive.

Even my cereal boxes are a pain in the keester. I open the inner lining only to find out that it ended up in some contorted configuration that I am unable to pour the cereal from. If I open it wider, I risk making the cereal go stale faster.

Who makes all this packaging? One would think that they don’t use the products they package. After all, they probably can’t open them.

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