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Anti-Catholicism in My Comments

  /   Saturday December 06, 2003  

I am starting to receive anti Catholic comments in my blog. They are currently of the breed who won’t even put their names on their postings. I’m not sure if I am even going to leave them on there, but I can assure you there is absolutely no logic. However, I can’t help but use this to have some fun:

mr jack chicks work is original, and you catholic like the guy above says, have copied mr jack chicks work to mock god. the catholic church has murdered people for 1700 years. your attitude as a catholic proves you people arent saved and are on your way to hell!

Ok, so it’s original. You could say the same about pornography, Communist propaganda, or anything that anyone wrote. I guess I could say that the problem with it is that his spin on Catholicism is “original” in the sense that it has totally distorted Catholicism, sometimes beyond recognition.

The commenter suggests that Victor Lams, the author of the linked-to posts, has copied Chick’s work to mock God. So, is Jack Chick God? The copies were made solely to mock the crass, idiotic work that this guy does. Does this really prove that we are not Christians? Show me where the Bible says that parody automatically makes one a non-Christian, and I’ll believe you.

Hmmmm . . . what about this murdering people for 1700 years? So, were there 300 years in our history where we didn’t murder people? Am I to believe that the hospitals and orphanages established by the Church were founded for the purpose of murdering people? It’s interesting how none of the Inquizitors have been canonized, but a lot of people who have done other work have been.

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