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I Really Hate Spam

  /   Thursday December 18, 2003  

I think all my regular readers know that I hate spam. I not only abhor the adult messages and other questionable stuff that comes through, I hate the consequences that it has brought on us. Not only is it consuming bandwidth that will make everyone’s Internet access more expensive, it is also making it harder to sort though e-mail.

It has another side effect as well. Many people have spam filters on their e-mail system. I do. It is really ridiculous that we have to buy a product to prevent receipt of junk. Sometimes, it is hard to send a friend a legitimate e-mail because they have a strict spam filter. This is necessary because the spammers, in thier infinite lack of wisdom, have developed tools for getting around spam filters. I don’t know why they think they are going to make money by trying to send e-mail to people who don’t want it, and it creates problems for everyone else on the web.

Now, I see that Congress has passed an anti-spam bill, but it sounds pretty lame. It also won’t stop people from sending spam from outside the United States. The author of the article that I linked to suggests a boycott of spammers, but, given their practices, I have to wonder if even that won’t stop them.

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