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  /   Wednesday January 07, 2004  

This is my 801st post to this blog. I just saw the count on my Moveable Type interface. Of course, some were written with that dreaded Blogger.

Anyway, I am at my parents’ house for the moment. I decided to come home to have some dental work done. There is a dentist here whom I know I can trust. I’d refer anyone in town to him.

My dad has a new Cambridge Soundworks radio/CD player. It sounds awesome. It’s as good, if not better, than the Bose Wave radio, and it’s cheaper. I think I need one of those. Then again, I am going to have to have my wisdom teeth pulled soon. That’s not going to be cheap.

Oh well, I also just learned this week that I will be changing shifts. I will be working a regular day job in just over two weeks. I am so glad for this.

Life is really busy. I’m still working on audio recordings for the RCIA program. I’m putting all the classes on CD. That will be done in a few months. While I am at it, I’m also preparing to rewrite the Frassati Society Web Page. I did the first one, and it’s quite ugly as you can see. I need to beautify it a lot. Unfortunately, I’m not much of a creative artist.

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